Check your tyre pressure once a month. The correct pressure will dramatically reduce tyre wear & fuel consumption.



The tread on the tyre is specifically designed to help give good drip to the road surface in wet weather conditions.

The effectiveness of the tyre to grip in wet weather conditions decreases as tyre tread patterns wear down or as there is no more surface wear of the tyre.

The legal limit of tread depth for cars in Ireland is 1.6mm

Most car tyres have tread wear indicators in the tread grooves which will become visible when the tyre is worn to 1.6mm remaining tread.

Tread wear indicators are bars made of hard rubber lying crossways across the tread. You can't see them on new tyres but as the tread wears down, they become visible. This should be taken as a sign that the tyre is ready for replacement.



Your tyres are the only contact between your car & the road.

This means that they need to be in perfect state & we are here to help!